Movie-line or Movie-row

Hello everybody!
I am new here in this Forum and I bought infuse pro 5 a few days ago. Everything is working and the metadata for TVShows are correct after renaming every single episode. My question is now:
Is it possibly to make own Movie-lines in the Movie Section? I have a lot Hollydaymovies and I want them to collect in the libary behind one Moviebutton, to minimize the covers. (E.G. The 3 Hobbit-Films are bundled in one button named “The Hobbit Row”).
Thanks for help!

One way to do this would be to add your own XML files for the videos you wish to group. This would allow you to specify details about the videos, and add custom genre tags which would allow for home videos to be grouped together.

A bit more info on this, as well as a sample XML file, can be found here.

What i meant is an user-individuelle movie-set! After searching this forum again i think infuse doesn‘t support own movie-sets at all. Is this right? Are there any future plans for this?