Movie library display problem

Hi, I have just joined this forum after recently purchasing my first Apple TV. So far, Infuse is my preferred app for viewing my movies in mkv format that I have stored on my WDTV LiveHub box. I am looking to move away from the WDTV box as the interface is a bit clunky and it is getting on in years. My problem is that my library on my WD box is made up of mkv files in folders named as the movie, i.e. “[Toy Story]->Toy Story.mkv”. What I see on my Infuse screen is a series of folders that appear to be empty, and further down the screen there seems to be a duplicate of the folders but with the correct movie icon and these are playable whereas the empty folders are just reported as that. How can I only show the correct movie tiles that can be played? I have read about the naming conventions and the files are named the same as the folders, and I don’t want to have just one big folder full of multiple mkv files if I can avoid it.

I apologise if this topic has already been covered but I’ve already had a look and couldn’t find anything that matched my problem as my files match my folder names and it still shows the empty duplicate folders.