Movie library bug

I gave a strange issue I was wondering if anyone knew how to rectify? I have been using infuse for years connected to Plex but now I’m shedding that and ripping my collection to my NAS (slowly!) and adding to infuse. Im ripping the disc copy exact, not remixing or anything.

I scan in and it sees the movie but I also get the odd thing like ‘stream’ shown below. How do I solve or avoid this?

It looks like the name of this file has been identified as ‘STREAM’.

Do you know where this file is? Can you check to see how it is named?

I had on/off being banging my head against a wall with this and after you posted I had another look.

It was the recycle bin. Two transfer to NAS failed and ended up restarting so some went in the bin. That’s where it read those files from. Thanks for the budge in general.


I’d recommended not sharing the root folder of your NAS share (where the recycle bin will be placed) but a subfolder of that share instead, to avoid any deleted items being indexed by Infuse as new content.

For example, my NAS share is named “Movies and TV” but I’ve only shared the “Movies” and “TV” subfolders with Infuse. Other content I don’t want Infuse indexing also resides outside those two folders — for example, I have a third subfolder in “Movies and TV” named “Formula 1” that is not included in Infuse’s library, since TMDB does not permit sporting events to be indexed in their database (and therefore Infuse is unable to include them in its users’ libraries).

Another option is to just disable the recycle bin of your NAS. That’s what I do and I know no one else has access to mess something up.

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The minute after I do anything as foolish as that, I’ll accidentally delete, for example, my entire folder of 4K films or TV shows or something …

No, thank you. I think not!

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Well, I’m used to it working in UNIX environments for work. They don’t have recycle bins on their drives… That wastes space and space is money.

I’ll most often clear my recycle bins shortly after purposefully adding items to them, for those very reasons … but I insist on allowing myself that essential layer of safety between an inadvertent click or key press and total oblivion.

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