Movie is not recognized during scraping

Dear Firecore Team

I have a film that’s not recognized correctly.

I tried a lot of things until I found out he wasn’t at is listed.
With IMDB, however, it is. Is there a way to add the movie manually that it appears under Movies.
Now it appears under “other”.

Many thanks in advance

ps. appleTV 4 generation… infuse 5 pro

/. mario’’

In this case, you can add your own metadata and artwork manually using XML and JPG/PNG files. This will allow the movie to appear in the correct section.

More info on the options for doing this can be found here.

Ok… thank you… so if the XML is filled properly the movies apears in the normal Movie List… i give it a try… thank you for fast response


Yes, just be sure the ‘media type’ tag is set to ‘Movie’ (as shown in the sample provided on that page.

great… thank you!

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