Movie Folder Not Accessible


So in my setup I have an Apple TV 2 running Infuse connected wirelessly to my router.
I have a ReadyNas 316 connected via ethernet to my router. The NAS is running AFP and SMB and is allowing read/write access to everyone using both AFP and SMB. I also have users setup which I have tried to connect to.

If I connect via SMB, my 3D movies folder which is set up identically to the non-accesible “Movies” folder is accessible and will playback the 3D content. The Movies folder will do the same however will only fetch a certain number of movies down to L in the alphabet.

If I connect via AFP which it has previously fetched all of the movies from the “Movies” folder however this is constantly stopping working on a daily basis. There are around 3000 movies in the “Movies” folder, all in mp4 format. If I try and access the “Movies” folder using AFP I click on it and a message appears saying “An Error Occurred, you do not have permission to read this item.”

I really hope that someone can help me, the issue is driving me insane.