Movie file images gone wrong

Just updated to 6.3.6 on my iPad Air2 and a lot of the movie file posters have gone wrong, if I click on them and edit metadata they come back but I don’t fancy going through 100s of them.
Only thing I’ve done so far is restart the app and icloud sync?
Any ideas how to fix it?
I have it synced to my ATV 4k and all the movie posters there are correct.

Image added to see whats going on

There’s a thread here that may have the explanation Erratic Movie Artwork and specifically Erratic Movie Artwork - #34 by james

Cheers for that, problem is my ATV is ok but iPad not, are you saying they download posters individually?
I always thought once posters were downloaded that was it and never updated again, seems a bit of an oversight if that’s not the case as that means we’re at ransom as to what some people vote for over at TMDB/TVDB instead of just having the official poster.

Yes, artwork is not synced via iCloud yet so you may have different artwork on each. Post #34 of the link I provided explains the reason for new artwork being downloaded.