Movie cover art cropped

alot of my movies have the cover art cropped:

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It looks like you may be using your own (embedded?) artwork, which is in a non-standard size. For example, A Walk Among the Tombstones is listed on TMDb with a different poster. A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

What you may try is disabling the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option found in Settings, and use the ‘Edit’ option on one of the affected videos to see if the artwork appears correctly (using the Edit option will refresh metadata and artwork for a video).

Thank you, but that did not help

here are the specs of the file

The standard poster sizes Infuse uses will be a 2 x 3 ratio, as this is what is used by TMDb and TheTVDb. So, instead of a 375 x 438 image you’d want 292 x 438.

Infuse will scale the actual size up or down as needed, but you will want to ensure the ratios are correct to avoid cropping.

that worked perfectly! thank you so much

i noticed you are using image sizes for DVD, blu-ray and UHD covers are smaller. thats why my images are messed up

Blu-ray, UHD 5-5/16x6-1/4
DVD 5-3/32x7-1/8

If you have a Mac all you have to do is open the image in Preview and under the “Tools” menu select “Adjust Size” and then uncheck “Scale Proportionally” and then enter your desired size of 292 X 438 and then save.

Thats exactly what i did, but doing so for 1800 titles is crazy, plus it streches some of the covers to look odd

how did you figure 375x438 to 292x438?

I use custom box art for my titles, and if i use your ratio it skews the box art, since bluray and uhd is wider and shorter then dvd. here are 2 examples of the proper ratio with the box are applied:

Sorry that didn’t work for you.

I guess I’m lazy and easy to please, I really prefer the artwork that Infuse digs up for all of my movies.

Infuse relies on fetching posters and metadata from TMDb, and they maintain a single aspect ratio for all their movies which Infuse will use no matter the resolution of your videos (a 480p DVD will use the same artwork as a 4K HDR video).

I understand you may want to use different aspect ratio artwork in Infuse for different files, but unfortunately this is not supported at this time. Sorry.

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