Movie correct order

Hi! I have my movies on list view in alphabetical order. The same applies for movies inside collections. Many times though, due to their naming, the order of the movies inside a collection is messed up because let’s say the third movie starts with an A whereas the first movie with C. Is there a way to have by default the movies inside a collection sorted out only by release date? Thanks!

If you browse using the library, movies in collections will be in release order.

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Although for me I find it odd that the movies end up backwards and bottom to top. Is there a way to change this?

Not quite sure what you’re asking. Can you provide an example?

Yup that did the trick, thanks a lot!

You’re welcome! Enjoy :slight_smile:

My main movies folder is made up of collections and individual movies in alphabetical order, which is good.
The collections are also in alphabetical order but what I want is them in release order with the first one first and not the last one first.
Now if I do this so it’s correct it sends the main folder the same.

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