Movie collections

It would have been great if you could gather all the same movies within a collection, for example, James Bond, where now all the films are spread out and are very difficult to find. Then the movies could be gathered in a collection “James Bond”, just on the TV series where the season is collected in one.

Here are a few that I think should be in a collection.

Alien collection
Harry Potter collection
Marvel collection?? (All the Marvel movies in one)
James Bond collection
Star Wars collection
The Lord of the Ring collection

As you can sort you movies by filename, you may just add numbers at the end of each movies with the same name. For instance for the Harry Potter collection, replace “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire” by “Harry Potter 4 and the goblet of fire”, same thing for others. If movies from a “collection” have different names like the X-men movies, I added “X-Men 1”, “X-Men 2” etc and put the actual name in brackets like “X-Men 2 (X2)” and everything is nicely sorted. If you really want them in the same folder, you may create a folder for each collection and Infuse will detect them as folders. Hope it helps!

Okay. I did not know that. thanks for the information. But regarding to sort by file name, it is not possible in the AppleTV4 app yet?

+1. Would like movie franchises to be treated like episodes of the same TV show.

This works for Infuse for aTV2 only, unfortunately.
There is no such feature in Infuse 4, and no signs that this might be coming. A huge disadvantage IMHO, as I have all my movies organized exactly that way…

It does actually… Came with the update 4.0.1

I have the latest 4.0.1 and can’t find any settings regarding sort by filename

Oops sorry, I’m using a beta version of 4.0.1 which include this feature. Should come with 4.0.2 shortly!

Oh, that’s good news! I had all hopes lost after the feedback on the initial beta.
What else will we see improved in 4.0.2?