Movie Collections Sorting Order


Using Plex collections with movies. I’m trying to get e.g. my Star Wars movies in timeline order.

I have the main library in title order. In plex I changed the sort names of the SW movies to “Star Wars A”, “Star Wars B”… . etc. and chose to sort them alphabetically.

But infuse is still showing them in chronological order as they were released.

Is there any way I can get Infuse to “respect” the sorting order I made in the collection in Plex?


You could create a playlist in the order you want.

set your plex collection to alphabetical sorting. that should do the trick and works for me.

duh, just checked it myself. it is broken (again).

@james: You guys fixed the sort order functionality for PLEX collections in Infuse with 6.6.

Running 7.0.5 I just realized that this doesn’t work any longer

Here’s the link to the initial case:

Kind of a bummer; did sth. change logic-wise on the PLEX side of things? Looks like a pretty simple function. Shouldn’t be too tricky to maintain during upcoming releases, I reckon.

Anyhow, help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a bunch!

@james: It‘s probably a busy time due to the Infuse 7.1 release - thanks for the update by the way! :slight_smile:

Any chance you can have a look at this soon?

It is particularly annoying since you did fix it before.

Hope you can fix it again - perhaps permanently this time :wink:

Thanks man!