Movie collections are displayed as unwatched even though all the movies in them are watched

Infuse 6.1.1 on tvOS 12.3.
Relevant Infuse settings:
Watched Indicators: On
Collections: On

Each movie collection poster has the unwatched symbol in its upper right corner (the orange triangle containing a dotted circle). Yet none of the movies in those collections have the unwatched symbol on their posters. I have tried the following as a workaround but ultimately it doesn’t work:

  1. Long press on the collection poster, and choose Mark as Unwatched (after which all the movies in the collection have the unwatched symbol).
  2. Long press on the collection poster, and choose Mark as Watched.
  3. Observe that the collection poster doesn’t have the unwatched symbol anymore.
  4. Launch the tvOS Application Switcher and swipe up on Infuse to force quit it.
  5. Launch Infuse again, navigate to Movies, and observe that the collection has the unwatched symbol again (and the movies in the collection remain watched).

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

If you have a chance, can you use the ‘Submit Diagnostics’ option found in Settings to send in a quick report from your device (and post the 5 digit code here) so we can look further into this.

I sent the diagnostics. The reference code is 4EFG5.

Thanks! We’ll take a look into what’s going on here.

Just reporting that the issue appears unchanged in Infuse 6.1.2 (tvOS 12.3).

We’ve tracked down what’s going on here, and will be including a fix in the upcoming 6.1.3 release.

I can verify that Infuse 6.1.3 fixed the issue for me.

Awesome! Thanks for following-up.

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