Movie Collection Showing Folders Not Artwork

I’m having a strange issues since upgrading to my news NAS and for the life of me can’t workout what’s causing the issue.

I have just setup a new NAS and setup up infuse on the Apple TV (deleted my old share and reset the metadata in infuse) I have setup the new share via SMB (and tested with NFS) But I now get an issue that effects movie collections artwork which is now showing a folder instead of the artwork. The movies in the folder have the correct artwork and metadata.

Any ideas what could be causing the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Are you browsing via the Library or via folders?

Can you try navigating to Library > Movies > Collections to see how things appear there?

Infuse will collection details and artwork from TMDB, and it’s not currently possible to use your own artwork for these.

For example.

Hi James thanks for the support!

I Just looked via Library - Movies - Collections and the meta data is showing as expected!

I just double checked under my Movies favourite folders and the folders there are showing a folder icon for collections.

The way I used to view the media was via two favourite folders called Movies and TV Shows, that’s where the issues seems to be with the Favourite folders.

Thanks for you help, I will have a play with the Favourite folders.


So I just had a thought about the only thing I didn’t delete was the data stored in iCloud.

I have just deleted the data stored in iCloud and reinstalled and setup infuse and the data seems to be syncing as expected and I have noticed a couple of collections already showing with artwork.

Thanks for your help.


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