Movie Collection folders at the top of the thumbnail list/grid

So, in an attempt to organize my movies, I have some collections in separate folders (i.e.: Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Planet of the Apes, etc.) I have special folder thumbnail art and the movies all generated their thumbnails great.

Problem is that all the collections are at the top of the grid and not in their alphabetical spot with rest of the movies. Seems that all the folders appear at the top followed by individual movies. Folders are all alphabetical amongst themselves with the individual movies alphabetical after the folders. Is their a way to set the folders to appear alphabetically in the grid/list with all the individual movies?

I have the same issue.

My guess is that it treats your collection-folders as regular folders, but your movie folders are flattened to a “file”. So you have three collection folders in alpabetical order followed by all your movie files in alphabetical order. No way of changing this currently AFAIK. Folders first and then files is the standard way of listing a directory in unix - but it’s just a guess.

Firecore should look at this IMO.