Movie Buffer after 5-10mins


I writing to seek your advise on my problem that I am facing. Currently I have Plex running on my desktop with wired connected to router and ATV 4K sitting at the living. I did test with wired and wireless.

  1. Wired (ATV and Desktop connected at the same router)
    At the start the speed was 200+ but after a while it sudden drop down to 0-10mbps on current speed and avg is 10+Mbps.

  2. Wireless
    Similar to wired

Video size tested 7GB+ and 2GB+ both have the same problem. It able to load as much video up to 20mins after that the video stream pause to buffer the rest.

Can you advise where can I start to look into it? Does NAS (synology) will help to avoid buffering?

Quick guess:

Is you desktop going into some kind of sleep / energy saving mode or send disks to sleep in case nothing is happening?

Infuse will start to cache the video file, but not completely. It caches the next portion when it comes to to the end of the current cache. In case you desktop need to wake up from whatever sleep / energy saving mode, this may take a few seconds which will cause infuse reaching the end of the cache and spinning wheel you will see.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. My desktop is not on sleep mode or power saving model. I have found the cause is that my HDD is actually very slow in term of reading performance. I guess I need to change my existing HDD.