Movie artworks not showing up at all

It’s been at least two weeks now, and is happening on all platforms (Apple TV, iOS, macOS).
I’m running the latest versions of Infuse and have a Pro subscription.

I tried clearing all metadata and let Infuse refetch everything.
Title, cast and plot intro can be fetched for individual movie, not the cover art.

Collection covers seem to be working.
TV shows are all fine.

I’m from China but access to * / * / * / * and other relevant services are not interrupted.

In settings,
Metadata fetching is on.
Embedded metadata is off.

Can you provide the file names of a few of the ones not working for you?

The first three movies:

2 Guns (2013).mp4
3 Idiots (2009).mkv
3 10 to Yuma (2007).mkv

I don’t believe file naming has anything to do with this. Artworks used to show up just fine.

When I tried the Edit button, movies are correctly recognized.

Have you checked to make sure the ones without posters haven’t accidentally got set to Use Local Metadata? Or in a directory set to Use Local Metadata?

I just tested the three with the filenames you provided and they work fine.

I recently went through a round of weirdness with movie posters too. It turned out that TMDB had a temporary glitch in the API and I happened to be one of the lucky ones that happened to do a metadata refresh during that glitch. It caused all of my posters to disappear when I scrolled through my movies and stay gone. I believe there was a 5 day time frame that Infuse held onto the glitchy API code before renewing it with TMDB so maybe try a “Refresh Metadata” again and see if you too may be one of the few stuck with that problem.

I just went back and checked and my problem started just over 16 days ago and I was finally able to resolve it about 10 days ago. The iCloud sync adds another dimension to this but I finally got all devices back with all posters. You may have to try the refresh metadata a few times until it clears out the garbage.