Movie artwork

This is really odd. On my iPad I see all my movies, bus some show their proper folder artwork, but others get what looks like a screen grab from the movie. I have tried turning off fetch meta data in the settings, if I do this all the folder artwork vanishes. If I turn it on the same show their folder artwork, some don’t. However, all of the moves are properly found and show all the correct metadata information when opened.

Just to make things even more confusing, on my appleTV all the folder artwork shows up properly, it’s just on the iPad that they don’t. For example, on my iPad the movie 28 Days does not show the proper artwork, just a screen grab, but on my AppleTV, the same movie shows its proper artwork.

I’ve enclosed a screen shot to explain

This may be related to artwork that is embedded in the video itself.

On Apple TV there is a setting to disable this (it’s disabled by default) and this same setting will be available in the upcoming 4.0 update for iOS as well.

I am having a similar issue. I have all my movies in folders (see attachment for folder structure)…

In Infuse Pro 3.6.2, all of the movies are just default folder icons. As soon as I navigate into a movie folder it downloads and pulls metadata. But when I back out, it doesn’t show the poster at all.

What am I doing wrong?

The subfolders (extrafanart and extrathumbs) are throwing Infuse off.

We’ll be improving things in a future update so that Infuse will disregard subfolders like those, but in the meantime if you were to remove those folders Infuse will display cover art on the main folder.

Hi James, this would be a great feature as I also have my movie library linked with Kodi.

Agreed, this would be great. I just want to have one source for all my movies, and if both Infuse and Kodi can share the same directory, that would be amazing.

Thanks. It’s on our roadmap.

It may make it into 4.1, though it’s more likely to be included in 4.2.

Excellent, thanks for the reply James