Movie Artwork Missing

Just now, infuse seems like it’s having trouble picking movie art work. This seems to be an ongoing problem. Anybody having this issue.

ATV may have cleared it for another apps use. If you go to Settings > Library does it show a Last Updated date? If it’s still fetching artwork it may take a bit depending on size of library.

Now I’m getting “an error occurred loading the content.” This is becoming frustrating

It says indexing failed.

Watch that message and click on Scan for Changes in that same screen and lets see what it does.

Same thing. Indexing failed.

Sounds like it’s lost the connection to your server.
What are you connecting to?

My iMac in the other room but nothing has changed.

It appears that something has changed. What protocol are you using to connect?

Also can you check to make sure the iMac is awake?

It’s busted. Nothing works. Thanks for the help anyway.

Can you be a bit more specific? What’s busted?

Blackjack player?

I use an iMac with three external drives as one of my servers too so if you need more help let me know.

Have you tried removing the share and reconnect to it?
If that does not work, send in a bugreport (in settings scroll down to the very last entry and post the 6digit number here. This way James can have it checked.

Once we figure out what’s “busted” that may help but for now, there’s a ton plus of things that "could’ be busted, iMac, ATV, LAN, and Infuse. Sending in a report doesn’t help the forum readers decipher what’s going on.

It will help to see what direction to follow with a bit more info.