Movie and TV Shows Getting Placed in "Other"

After Infuse scans my network shares, most of my movies and tv shows end up in the Movies and TV Shows folders correctly. However, hundreds and hundreds of shows and movies end up in the Other section. For every movie/show I own, I have generated nfo files, since I have long used Kodi on a Chromebox. All of my nfo files were generated using Ember, so they are all the same format, whether working in Infuse, or not. If I go in to a particular show in Other and edit metadata, I can always see the nfo file and select it, but 19 times out of 20, it does not get placed into TV Shows, but instead stays in Other. Alternatively, if I choose the other option in edit metadata, which looks as though the search has correctly identified the episode, the same thing happens, which is to say it remains in Other. Movies that end up in Other seem to let me choose the nfo file and they go into the Movies section successfully. Every movie file is in its own folder named with its title - Movies>Batman (1989)>Batman (1989).mkv with a file named Batman (1989).nfo in the same folder (along with artwork). TV Shows are organized as Television>Seinfeld>Season 1>Seinfeld S01E01.mkv also with info files and artwork. So I’m not sure why Infuse doesn’t identify so many files correctly the first time through, or why it doesn’t let me manually identify them after they go to Other. Embedded Metadata and Metadata Fetching are both checked in settings. I tried to see if anyone else has had this issue, but I couldn’t find a search option in the forum - did I miss it? Thank you for any help.

has Infuse finished updating? It can take awhile, especially on the 1st scan. Movies and TV shows are placed into the “Other” category until the metadata update is complete and moved to the proper location. This happened to me, when I initially was setting up Infuse, now however, I only get the updated files.

Well, it had been like that for a couple months. Then, all the metadata disappeared (maybe after a TVOS update) and it started loading again yesterday when I opened it up, and though it might not be completely finished, it looks like it’s going to be the same as before. What’s also concerning to me is that I can’t seem to manually identify shows in the Other category to get them in the right spot. Infuse isn’t really usable for me if I have 1000 things randomly listed in Other.

That’s odd, I haven’t seen that happen before after the initial scan has completed. Maybe for some reason there is a corrupted database causing these issues? Do you have internal NFOs? might need @james or someone to help on this. It seems you have naming correct, but there is some other reason your library is not sticking.

Can you check in Settings to see what the metadata options are set to?

We recommend enabling Metadata Fetching and disabling Embedded Metadata.

I will double-check this evening, but I’m 95% sure both options are enabled. Will disabling Embedded Metadata prohibit Infuse from using the metadata I custom created for videos for things like home videos or episodes of shows not found in TVDB or moviedb?

If it’s embedded in the files, then yes.

However, for home videos a better option will be to set Infuse to use Local Metadata on a folder by folder basis. This can be done by browsing to the folder that contains your home videos, long-pressing on it, and selecting the ‘Use Local Metadata’ option. This will cause Infuse to read the metadata from the videos themselves, and not try to match these videos against the online databases.

I’ll try it out tonight - thanks

So I disabled Embedded Metadata and selected the Use Local Metadata option, which I had not previously known about. After letting Infuse repopulate everything, it looks like all (or at least most) of my movies were correctly put into the Movies section. However, the associated artwork is now very slow to appear, where before it was more or less instantaneous. The bigger problem is that now Infuse doesn’t identify a single tv show in the TV Shows section - all tv shows have been placed in the Others section where there are now 4000+ items.

Has Infuse fully completed its scan? A library of 4000+ items can take a bit of time, but you can check the progress of how things are going through the Settings > Library menu.

Also, can you provide an example or two of how your shows are named?

It seemed to have finished. However, when I go back to check the progress today it had reset and is starting the scan anew. Also - the settings for “Use Local Metadata” did not hold and reset to using online metadata, so as I watch the progress of the new scan, it is once again recognizing TV Shows. I will update again when it finishes scanning, but this seems like it will be like it used to be, with many in Others. An example of how my shows are named: Share>Television>Horace and Pete>Season 1>Horace and Pete S01E01.mp4…individual nfo files (Horace and Pete S01E01.nfo) for each episode in folder with episodes and tvshow.nfo file in the show folder.

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In fact, every time I leave Infuse for any length of time and the ATV has gone to sleep, when I return to Infuse nothing shows up in TV, Movies, or Other and it starts a new scan.

it sounds like Infuse is not finishing its initial scan of your library. Leave Infuse open so that it can finish the scan (I don’t believe this works in the background). With a large collection this may take awhile, but once its complete you should have better performance\results. I would also adjust the “sleep” parameters, so that the ATV doesn’t go to sleep while Infuse is scanning, if it does, you may lose all of your progress.

I did a re-scan yesterday afternoon and reset all of the folders back to scanning local metadata…turned off sleep on the ATV. Checked this morning and it appeared to be done scanning - said last update was sometime last night. I got the same result as the first time I tried the same thing with local metadata. No tv shows were recognized and most of my movies showed up…have about 4000+ items in Others.

I think it might be best to submit a report from your Apple TV and open a support ticket so we can look further into this.

When you say submit a report from my Apple TV, do you mean from within the Infuse app using the “Submit Diagnostics” option in settings? If so, I’m doing that now.

Yep, that’s it.

After you submit a report you’ll be shown a code and an email address to send it to. There’s a QR code as well which will create the entire email for your automatically.

I submitted a report from my Apple TV a little over a week ago - is there any way to check if there’s been any progress?

I have the exact same issue with my TV Shows. I have local meta data generated from Media Companion however when I select Use Local Meta data for my TV Shows folder all those are moved to Others. I change back to use On Line Meta data and they show up in TV Shows. My Movies folder which also uses meta data generated by Media Companion doesn’t have this issue. The two folders are separate shares on my NAS.
I noticed in a google search an earlier Apple TV had the option to assign TV Shows as a folder type however I can’t seem to do this with my Apple TV 4k.

I also can’t find a way to assign TV shows…in fact, adding a network share on my Apple TV looks nothing at all like it does in that link. I also cannot get the option to “Use Local Metadata” to stick - it always reverts back to “Use Online Metadata.”