Movie added to library created 16 entries !

I have just recently made the switch from my much loved and very dependable WD TV SMP to the Infuse app on Apple TV. So far my experience has been very good. Around 400 of my movies came across without too much of a hitch with only minor incorrect metadata matching for a dozen or so movies that was quickly corrected.
However, I added four new movies a couple of days ago and it created chaos on the movie tile view. For some bizarre reason it created 16 entries for Prometheus (and that was a pretty avg movie). The other three were added in as expected. I’ll put it down to a one-off glitch, but would like to delete the 15 unnecessary entries in the movie view list. How do I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance.

PS. I love your product. Keep up the good work.
PPS. It would be terrific if you could add tech info for the video and audio track quality encoded in the file being played.

Are you streaming via UPnP/DLNA by chance? At times, a device may list multiple items while it’s updating/indexing new content.

Does your device support SMB or FTP/SFTP? Connecting using one of these should avoid issues like this.

I originally set up Infuse with DLNA as it seemed to be the default out of the box configuration. I am streaming off a Netgear ReadyNAS that had UPnP/DLNA, AFP and NFS services active. Streaming by way of CIFS (SMB) service on the NAS box provided significantly worse performance than using NFS (jerky or skipping video streams), so I had disabled SMB. This is a known problem with SMB service on early Netgear NAS boxes.

When I went to use the Library view in Infuse, I discovered I needed to turn SMB back on.
The Library view in SMB does not have 16 entries for Prometheus, but does have a different issue of using artwork for some movies that look like the scanned front or back cover of a DVD release. Attempting to correct through “Edit Metadata” does not fix the problem. The DLNA view provides artwork as expected.

In summary, I use both the DLNA view and the SMB Library view for sorting via genre, recently added, etc.

How do I get rid of the 16 entries, or is this just a known issue, and I should focus on the SMB based library view?