Moved iTunes to a new mac, lost ATV1 sync

Hi, grateful for any suggestions for my problem.

I have an ATV1 with aTV Flash and an external bus powered USB drive, which was set up to sync with all my music via iTunes so that I could use it as a music server.

I bought a new macbook and I migrated iTunes from my old machine just by manually copying the user/music/iTunes folder. (My iTunes library is on a NAS, but I read that this would copy the database and preferences from iTunes.)

The migration appears to have worked, all my playlists are present, and I can sync my iPhone. However, the ATV1 does not show up in the new iTunes. I read an apple support doc saying that you should select preferences > Apple Tv but there is no such preference.

So I can’t even work out how to link the two, but on top of that, I am worried that if I link the two, it will need to sync all over again (I have 300GB music on the USB drive of the ATV1, and wirelessly syncing that all over again is going to be a pain).

Are there preferences files that I missed which I can copy over from my old mac to the new, so that my iTunes library will just continue syncing with the ATV1 as it had before?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately the Apple TV will see your new MacBook as an entirely different system, so while you can pair the two together you will need to resync all the content.

Try this.

  1. On the Apple TV navigate to the Settings --> Computers Menu and remove your old Mac
  2. On the Mac, Choose iTunes > Preferences (Mac) and make sure "Look for Apple TVs" is selected.
  3. Select the Apple TV icon with "Click to set up" next to it in the Devices list.
  4. Enter the five-digit passcode from your TV screen.

Thanks James.

I am using iTunes 10.6.3 on OS 10.8 - in the preferences there is not an option to look for Apple TVs.


Ok, it looks like that option may have been removed in 10.8 (it’s still listed in the Apple support guide here though).