Moved files should not be marked as "Recently Added"

I’m putting all my watched movies in a special folder where I leave them until I’m getting out of disk space.

This workes fine, but any newly moved file is marked as “Recently Added”. Unfortunately, there is no way to “unmark” these files, so the “Recently Added” marker becomes useless.

You can exclude the watched movie folder from the library settings and they won’t show as recently added when you move it there. The hold back is that they also will disappear from the all movie library. The work around for this is to set the Watched Movie folder as a favorite and still eliminate it from the library function. That way you can still see the movies but will know they’ve been watched.

I used to do it just as you are but I’ve started just leaving the movies in place and relying on the watched indicators in the library view. If disk space becomes an Issue I just take the time to remove the ones I’ve watched.

Relying on the watched indicatiors is not an option for me because I’m using the same share for watching movies on my Mac (Kodi).

But I’ll consider excluding my “trash folder” from the library - thanks for the hint. However, the behavior of the app ist a bit confusing here. Maybe adding an (optional) trash folder would be a solution?

We’re working to revamp how the Recently Added list is populated, and once these changes are done they should also help avoid issues where an item appears in Recently Added if/when relocated.

Stay tuned!

Ok, thanks for the info!

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