Move videos into other

I have several workout videos that I have added to my NAS and was wondering if I can force them into the other folder? Right now they sort into the Movies folder.

If they get put into the movies folder then it is grabbing some info the filename and matching with a movie. You could try changing the filename to something more obscure so that it doesn’t match a movie. Another option is to create folder with them all, make a favorite, but then don’t add it to the library and use local metadata.

One way to handle this would be to place these videos into their own folder, and then tag that folder to use Local Metadata in Infuse.

To tag a folder for local metadata

iOS: Navigate inside the folder, and select the Use Local Metadata option from the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner.

tvOS: Long-press on the folder icon and select the Use Local Metadata option

If you have iCloud Sync enabled, Infuse will sync these tags between devices so you’ll only need to do it once.