Move to slow to start playing

when click resume or press rewind or fast forward to play the video again it take a while to start playing don’t know why that is unless it is a bug?

i just notice it mostly only does that with videos that has dolby atmos but it doesn’t do it with videos that don’t has dolby atmos

What device and what OS version?

Also what version number of Infuse?

infuse latest version 7.7.1 and apple tv 4k 2nd generation

videos that has dolby atmos will take a few seconds or a minute to start playing again when press play to start the video again don’t know why this is but other videos with no dolby atmos play fine.

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is this issue ever going be fix? videos with dolby atmos still move slow when click play after fast forwarding and rewinding to a certain part.

Can you try adjusting the ‘Streaming Cache’ option found in Infuse > Settings > Playback? We’ve found some devices have slower performing storage, so using the ‘Memory Only’ setting may help avoid issues like this.

Also, can you try running a speed test on your device?

changing it to memory only did not help still same issue and it has to be a issue on infuse end cause vidhub play dolby atmos videos with no problem vidhub is like the free version of infuse lol

You were also asked to run a speed test …

Please post the results here and a screen cap of the graph may also be helpful.

Days later and updating to new version still same issue I think the reason videos with Dolby atmos move slow when clicking fast forward and rewind and play to start video again is cause the logo keep showing every time any chance to add a option to disable the Dolby atmos logo from popping up all time?