Move the Delete button on Apple TV

As I posted with the initial realise of Infuse 6…so again with Infuse 7…

I noticed it immediately.
Actually the thing I NEVER rate is TV programs…so having delete hidden away is frustrating.

Thanks, Phil

Update…sorry that was rude of me. One thing I forgot to do in the midst of my griping was say how much I love Infuse and how great Infuse 7 will be…when the Delete button becomes easier to access :wink:

Well done to all involved!



Can we move the delete button to the front page instead of having to click: more, then delete?
I don’t know how many “prefer” the rate button on the first page…


Maybe add a suggestion post instead to see if others are interested. I personally use the rate and never use delete

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Done. :wink:

It used to work this way in Infuse 6 if File Management was enabled. Then the delete button was visible on Pre-playback screen. In Infuse 7 this setting has no more impact. Delete button is always hidden under the More button.

Great update, the app keeps on getting better.

I think a lot of user requests could easily be solved by allowing a long press of the PLAY button to bring up a quick “more” options list to delete, play next, edit, etc. Even better if we had the option to customize what gets shown in the popup. That should solve many requests (including mine to quick delete).

I agree. I would particularly like to use the Delete option without having to open More…

I support this. Having delete in the more tab is uncomfortable.

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I reread my earlier post, I should clarify that when I say a long press of the PLAY button, I am actually referring to long pressing on the PLAY icon in Infuse itself. Doing this to popup more options would be quicker than scrolling up or down and across to access the same set of options. Plus, having user control of what shows up in that popup would add even more power. It would likely squash a lot of gripes.

Having said that, I want to say again that Infuse is hands down the best media player for Apple TV. I use it daily, an excellent app.

I never rate anything either! I want my Delete button back on the main screen! Tried Classic Mode but it’s not a true classic mode. It’s just a redesigned version of the Modern mode!


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Please put the delete button back on the main page instead of buried under More!

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Exactly. That is all I want. No need for anything more than that.

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I only use Play (of course), Edit (because of metadata language mess) which became inconvenient as it is hidden in “More” now.

I will be happy to see hiding Rate/Delete in More, or removing them completely… or letting user to customize which buttons to appear in main page.

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I think this is a better idea. I will never use delete and I rarely use edit. I use rate and playlists a lot.

Or maybe figure out which buttons the user generally uses and dynamically change the ones on the page.

Both options might be the solution then since I never rate, never use playlists and only use edit to get to delete. One thing for sure, whatever Firecore decides about the delete option would be an improvement over what we have now.

If you reduce the size of the buttons, just a little, there will be enough space for a couple of icons with no text e.g a trash can, a star etc and keep everybody happy.

Yeah that might work. Although text changes depending on the language so some might not be able to shrink as much.

The caveat of course is that changing to smaller buttons just to add more buttons means more clicks and swipes to get to the desired option. Customization on what is shown would be ideal.