Move "Classic View" to the settings instead of the "single"

Hello everyone,

One thing that could be upgraded in the v7 of Infuse is the fact that when in a single view (on a movie page, or tv show) the button “Classic View” is here all the time. The “Edit” button becomes a “More” button, when there is two choices “classic view” or “edit”.

It could be great if we could select the view in the settings, and regain a single action “edit” button.

Thank you very much.

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Rumor has it that the “Classic/Modern” toggle will be moving to the settings screens and just leave the edit button. :wink:

That’s the kind or rumors I love.
Thanks mate!

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Any possibility of the delete button moving to the front also as part of this rumour (nudge nudge)…

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I think this one is covered off now …


Yup, it was in the last release. Good catch! :wink:

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