MOV files from iPhone

Hello everyone,


I am very new to Infuse and decided yesterday to buy the app…I have a lot of videos on our network that I would like to stream to our iPad (3rd gen Retina) and connect it by HDMI to our TV…sounds simple, doesn’t it?


So now I have Infuse on the iPad and figured out how to upload (from PC) by FTP to the remote (iPad). The MOV files shot with my iPhone camera show up on Infuse, but when I try to run any of them, I get an error: An error occurred loading this content


I figured if I was using Apple specific movie files, I couldn’t go wrong to test Infuse…


I’m competely lost on this one…anybody have any ideas?





Hmm, which type of iPhone (and iOS) were the videos shot with?

We’ll try and replicate the issue here.

I have the same problem. I run Infuse Pro on my Apple tv 4 gen and I have saved my movies, made with iPhone 6, on my iMac. Only 10 out of 100 movies work, th rest I get a error-message!? I don’t understand why because they are all the same format (mov).
Please help!

Now it works perfect! I had to create a guest-account on my iMac before logging in to my admin-account with Infuse.