mout_afs missing

I am unable to mount any remote directories within Nito. Each time an error suggests mount_afs is missing. I’ve run a find command on the ATV through SSH and cannot find this file anywhere.

I am trying to mount Windows Vista shared folders to my ATV.

Which program (if any) can I use to mount my ATV drive(s) (internal, USB) to my windows machine? I thought I had read somewhere that the SMB protocol worked for mounting this way?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

For network streaming, please view the guide here:

Please note, the network streaming feature requires the Smart Installer to be ran.

I guess what I truly want to accomplish is my ATV drive being visible from my Windows PC’s, like a network drive. So that I can easily drag and drop new data into this folder.

I can stream from my Windows PC to ATV w/o any issues.