mouse is not working at all.

Any idea why or is the mouse not supported yet?

The mouse works fine with an iPhone using de app Remote from the appstore.

mine works using the apple remote. you have to slick the center button first for it to show up.

I'm using the app on my iPhone too but still not able to get it work

the arrow just stays in the center of the tv screen.

anyway thanks to response so quick to everybody.

look forward to get hulu working and other fun stuff:-)))

i used the actual remote, not the app. try that.

How do you make the Mouse Show up on ATV2?

What Do you mean"slick" the Centre Button…?

so if a mouse works, than I can use my trackpad.  Can you give details on how you make the ITV2g work with a mouse?



is it possible to have a mouse via bluetooth, like btstack for a keyboard?