Mouse pointer stuck Couch Surfer Pro 0.7(2.x)

I just updated to apple 2.4 and atvflash 3.6.2 but when trying to use internet (ie Couch Surfer Pro 0.7(2.x)) with the apple remote the mouse won’t move on any page. Mouse/Loop pointer Mode is unticked.

We’re sorry for the trouble. We’re doing some testing to see if we can replicate the problem here.

We should have more information soon.

I have the ATVFlash installed but have a prblem controlling couchsurfer.
The pointer does not move and controlling the pointer via my Iphone immediately crashes the ATV and asks me to restart.
I am not able to use couchsurfer at all.

Any help is appreciated.


Unfortunately Couch Surfer does not currently have support for the iPhone app.

An update is in the works to add this functionality, and should be available soon.

Overall I have been very pleased with atvflash, it is a fine product…

that being said, however,

I’m having the same “mouse stuck” issue - (using Apple remote)
Apple TV 40GB v2.4
aTVFlash v3.6.2 (Windows XP installer)

‘Mouse/Loop Pointer Mode’ option is unchecked

After discovering the the issue I reinstalled atvflash to factory restored and 2.4 (re)updated AppleTV after which mouse sticking problem remained.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you might have.

i too have this problem. however i had no issues with couch surfer 0.6

I too am having this problem. Please let me know what to do to fix it.

We’re looking into the cursor issue. It seems to affect only a certain group of users, and we’re having difficulty reproducing the issue here.

If you have this problem, please send us an email and let us know which software applications you currently have installed on your AppleTV.

I too have the cursor problem. However, when I installed a hub and added a Mac mouse to the hub (along with my external hard drive), the mouse moves the cursor properly. The Apple remote’s “up” and “down” keys can be used to scroll thru web pages and the mouse can be used to navigate within a page. A mouse-click on a page’s links trigger the link (although I am unable to play Quicktime movies despite installing the Quicktime plug-in via atvflash’s plug-in installer.

I cured this by doing a complete factory re-install of the ATV. This put me back to a very old version. Then I updated the software using the official ATV update menus. And then finally re-applied the ATV Flash installation. AFter doing this , my mouse pointer started working again.

So clearly there is something being “leftover” from previous installs that is affecting this “group” of users.

Any word on a fix for this?

I guess I’m in the same group with this problem. Here is my 2 ATV setup if the Devs would like to try to recreate the problem:

ATV 40GB (1)

[list]ATV ver.2.4 with ATVflash 3.6.2
Using USB 4-port hub by Belkin
Using USB 1.5TB external 3.5" HDD as primary
Using USB Logitech wireless keyboard
ATV 160GB (2)
[list]ATV ver.2.4 with ATVflash 3.6.2
Using USB 4-port hub by Belkin
Using USB 320GB external 2.5" notebook HDD (ext. media storage)
Using USB Microsoft wireless keyboard

On both ATV apps installed is ONLY Adobe Flash as listed under Maintenance/Install Extras
On both ATV under Maintenance/Manage Plugins, all are “Enabled” in Standard Plugins and all are “Installed” and was updated under Additional Plugins except AirControl, which shows as “Not Installed.”

Hope that helps.

Just updated to the new 3.6.3 and the mouse pointer doesn’t runs (neither with the Apple TV remote not Remote App)… any idea? I had tried switch between mouse/pointer in configuration.



Hello all…as a brand new user with the stuck pointer in Couch Surfer… I can’t believe that others with this problem have not gone ballistic with the problem apparently existing since early July .
I have tried enabling/disabling every option without success. I did just download the Mobile Air app for my Ipod Touch and that is now at least moving the pointer. This is only a partial success as I can now move the pointer but the selection process has to be done with the remote. GRRRRRRRR! However, at least I can now view my kid’s Picasa web slide shows and that was the reason for purchasing ATVF in the first place.
Any suggestions or recent solutions would be appreciated. Thanks

Yup it’s been broken for me… Luckily I’ve been able to use the remote app from my iPhone to get around it, but it’s pretty annoying.

We believe to have traced the source of this elusive issue, and plan to have an updated version of Couch Surfer Pro available soon. A number of additional improvements will also be included in this new version.

When available, the updated version will be available directly on the AppleTV in the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

ATV Staff,
I too am having the stuck mouse issue when in Couch Surfer, not to mention, it freezes my Apple TV to where I have to unplug to reboot. I see you posted that you will be coming out with a fix, but can you give more detail as to when? I just purchased your product so I could surf the web through Apple TV and it seems like its more of a hassle than its worth…

Thanks for your help…

The updated version of Couch Surfer Pro should be available within the next 1-2 weeks.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Nice to see that you guys are on the ball and care what your customers have to say. Look forward to seeing the update…

Any news on this topic??? My cursor get stuck as well and I would love to be able to browse the net on my ATV!