Mouse Pointer - changing?

Is it possible to change the Couch Surfer mouse pointer icon? If so, how would you do this?

The reason I’m asking is that I want to use Couch Surfer to run Google Web Albums slideshows. However, with the current large mouse pointer, the slideshow starts in “pause” mode and since the slideshow controls are located at the very bottom of the screen, you cannot move the pointer far enough down to be able to select any of the slideshow controls. Quite frustrating as Couch Surfer is ideal for running these slideshows since it displays photos in the correct aspect ratio (Firefox on the ATV does not display pictures in the correct aspect ratio and I cannot find any way to adjust Firefox). Also, turning off Couch Surfer header display makes the Google Web Albums slideshows display in a full screen mode that looks quite good on an HDTV except you can’t get the slideshow to start since the pointer won’t let you select any of the controls.

I thought that maybe changing to a much smaller pointer would allow selection of things a very bottom of the screen. Of course, a better solution would be for ATVFlash folks to fix the pointer so you could scroll it’s “point sensitive” part all the way to bottom of the screen.

I have installed ATV Flash 3.6 which enables mouse and pointer. However, the pointer icon is still the large triangle and it still won’t move low enough on the page to be able to select the Picassa Web Albums slide show controls. :frowning: