Mouse Pointer BROKEN in 3.6.1

The mouse pointer isn’t working in 3.6.1 with the regular white appleTV remote… I can switch from scrolling to the pointer, but the pointer never moves. Actually, the first time I switched, the pointer jumped halfway down, but then didn’t move around. Quite annoying. Anyone else having this problem?
I’ll restart finder and aTV later today to see if that helps…

There is a rogue setting that may be causing this issue.

Navigate to Internet > Settings and ensure the ‘Mouse/Loop Pointer Mode’ option is unchecked.

My mouse pointer doesn’t budge so that I am unable to move or select options on a webpage. I have unchecked the mouse pointer option but still no luck. Any suggestions?

I’m getting exactly the same issue, including the pointer jumping half way down the screen.

Confirming this is fixed in 3.6.3. Thanks aTVFlash!