Mouse cursor not displayed when using Firefox in nitotv

I have been using my Iphone with the air mouse app to surf the web on firefox within Nitotv. I recently ran an update of my ATV now the cursor does not display when I open firefox. Some green rings momentarily display then disappear which I am assuming is the mouse locator. I tried disabling the mouse locator, no change. I tried reloading the nitotv app, no change. I just found that if I reboot the ATV the mouse cursor comes back.... problem being I have to do this each time I want to use firefox. Any thoughts??

I am having the same problem.  I have air mouse connected to the apple tv (1st gen) and I am in fire fox, but I don't see a cursor for the mouse.


Also, is there a way to use the "tab" key on the air mouse keyboard.  If I could tab between fields on the browser I wouldn't need the cursor.

The visible mouse cursor is actually a separate install. This option can be found and installed through the nitoTV --> Settings --> Install Software menu.