Mounting NAS

Just ordered and installed, all seemed well. My NAS folder structure is:

Within multimedia i have:
every music album i own (dont ask, itunes did this to me)
“movies ipad ready”

Once i mount my NAS (smb, have not tried nfs yet) i go to files within nito and it displays every music album (damn you itunes) and my “movies” folder (contains avi movies) and my “movies ipad ready” folder (mp4 movies)

My question is how do i setup my sharepoint to drill right into my “movies” folder and/or my “movies ipad ready” folder. What do i enter in the volume path when setting up a sharepoint? What should i enter in custom path (if anything)?

On a side note is there an advantage to turning on “automount”

Thank you



So I got it to work.  I had to enter the ip address for my NAS, and I adjusted my folder structure (will deal with itunes later)  I tested a few AVI files and they do work, only issue I have is the playback is not smooth.  There are allot of pauses in playback.  I am hardwired to my network with appletv (not using wifi).  Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this?