mountain lion

im going nuts troubleshooting the new air play function :(, with my freshly installed mountain lion on my mid 2011 macbook air i can't get air play to work on my jailbreaked atv2.

I get the airplay icon on my mac menubar, but nothing more.

Does this have anything to do with fire core?

Anyone have a solution?

i have the same problem!!!

when comes a update for the apple tv 2???

I had to jailbreak my Apple TV again, as I had version 4.4.4 the first time I installed the ATV flash. You need to have version 5 to use the airplay functionality from Mountain Lion. Used the seasonpass jailbreak described on this site. Works fine now  :slight_smile:

Thanks matsj.7815

Funny i wast just about to upgrade to version 5 

I was refreshing my memory on how to since its been a while, when i received your comment:)

Will dive in, and repost once done



5.0.2 on the ATV2 and now it works8)

I am not clear on this to get to 5.02…


Can someone please give me the steps?



Plex is listed as compatible with Mountain Lion, I installed ML yesterday and went back to Lion today, Plex unexpectedly quit at launch over and over again, is there a workaround?


Here is what i did, to get from 4.4.4 to 5.0.2


Its basically the same as I did the first time I jailbreaked it, just had forgotten how to.


Backed up my settings, and exported my xbmc media library (probaly not needed but saves time later on)

Open Seas0nPass on my computer , it will update itself

When promoted connect your atv to your computer with mini usb cable

Put your atv in DFU mode when asked to ( I had some problems here, and had to connect the power cord to get DFU mode)

Itunes will then open and restore your atv 

Thats it, now you need to install atv flash and the other software you had earlier.



Thanks Tap Out…I got it working!

I got a different issue but related to a Jailbreak ATV2 and Mountain Lion Air Play. I got this MacBook Pro Retina and I have my ATV2 jailbreak with ATV Flash on 5.0.2. My issue is that when i click on the airplay icon it doesn’t activate the AppleTV but the image gets passed to the TV, so if I want to turn it off I can’t since for the OS the ATV was never active.

I really thing this has to do with the jailbreak but I want to see if any of you had notice this behaviour and if you found a way to fix it.