mount two shares named identically on separate NAS


I have a curious problem. I own two WD WorldBook NAS disks, each sharing media files through a share named PUBLIC. This name is default and cannot be changed by any means known to me.

When I create share points for the two disks, named MediaServer-1 and −2, ATF flash created mount commands mounting the two disks to /mnt/Splash/Volumes/Public, the same name for both disks. When I mount the first one everything is fine and I see just the files I expect to see. When I mount the second one it superposes the first one and the files on the first one are no longer available to ATV.

a ‘mount’ command on the ATV prompt shows the dilema:
//DUERO100;USER@MEDIASERVER-1.LOCAL/PUBLIC on /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/Public (nodev, nosuid, mounted by frontrow)
//DUERO100;USER@MEDIASERVER-2.LOCAL/PUBLIC on /mnt/Scratch/Volumes/Public (nodev, nosuid, mounted by frontrow)

How can I, in the ATV GUI, specify the mountpoint in the local filesystem where the two NAS disks have to be mounted, to give names other than twice ‘PUBLIC’?


You can change the ‘Mount Name’ which would allow each to appear differently in the nitoTV → Network menu (for choosing which to mount) but unfortunately both drives will appear as ‘Public’ when mounted on the AppleTV.

Well I did name them differently, but I need to mount them both in parallel. And I want to mount them automatically.

As a work-around I mount the second one now through NFS. NFS is case sensitive and thus creates a mount point of ‘Public’ as opposed to ‘PUBLIC’ when I mount through SMB.

Guess I shouldn’t buy a third drive :frowning:

Guys this is crap. Especially when the solution is dead simple. Give us an option to specify the mount point (optional). It is part of the ‘mount’ command so it cannot be that difficult.