Mount NV+ using Boxee


I have installed Firecore’s atvflash and via NitoTV have been able to mount my NAS (nv+) via smb and watch movies over the network.

I wanted to give boxee a whirl, so installed it and tried to also mount my media volume on the nv+. Every time I try to add it, it says ‘failed to retrieve data’.

My smb shares are username/password protected, so was wondering whether there was a bug that prevented this.

Oddly, if I navigate to Local Videos, i can see the mount that NitoTV has added, and from there can navigate to see only the ‘top level’ folder. My media share has multiple folders, and it appears that boxee is only reading the first one.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get Boxee to properly mount the smb share?


Resolved this by removing the need for user authentication on the drive.

Looks like a bug with boxee, have put it on the thread there.

For others with the same setup, try setting up the nv+ share to be open and not require authentication.