Mount mega to infuse pro on apple tv

HI. I recently got infuse pro for a year, i successfully mounted mega on my tv with apple tv. However, there are 2 additional tvs with the same account of mega i want to mount, but it never shows up in the share feature. All 3 apple tvs are in the same location (same house), i have successfully mounted 1 mega account on 1 apple tv. How can i do this to the other two?

It simply will not show up as a share option, either from the phone or apple tv. I am connected to the same wifi network as the 2 other apple tvs.

Please help. I apologize if my terminology is not tech-savvy but I am new to all of this.

Thank you again

Please help anyone?

For cloud services like MEGA, the connection will first need to be made on iOS and will then sync over to the Apple TV via iCloud.

To ensure iCloud is able to work between devices, there are a few things to check.

  1. Logged into the same Apple ID on all devices
  2. iCloud Drive enabled on all devices (details here)
  3. iCloud Sync enabled in Infuse > Settings > Sync
  4. Some free iCloud storage (details here)
  5. Pro logo is visible in Infuse > Settings on all devices

Note: It’s possible to login using separate IDs for iCloud and the App Store. To use iCloud Sync you will need to use the same ID for iCloud on all devices. The App Store IDs can be different, if needed.

Note 2: On Apple TV, it’s possible to have multiple user profiles set up with different Apple IDs. To use iCloud Sync, you will need to ensure the main (default) profile is set up with the correct Apple ID.