Mount DVD USB Drive work ?

Hello, i need to connect to my AppleTV 2.1 my usb dvd drive for watch my collection of Video DVD… ATVflash can help me? I the past with 1.1 realase of Apple TV firmware and AwkwardTV projetc and NitoTV i can able to do this, but with introducin of take two version of firmware and NitoTv 0.4 a/b this function has stop to work… ATVflash can do this? If yes i buy it immediatly…

Thank to all


Haven’t done any testing, but other users have said they have USB DVD drives working on the Apple TV with the aTV Flash installed. Due to the variation of brands and models, we can’t positively say which will and will not work.

Well i have to say yes it does work better then i thought. I bought the small WD 320 drives. All i had to do was plug it in, and everything worked great. No issue’s. I can ftp to the drive to add movies. So it worth every penny. just wish mkv files worked.