website issues

One of the reasons I have the AppleTV and run the Firecore suite is that I could stream the videos, both live and archived, from the web site. I have their “VideoPass” subscription which gives me access to their content.

They upgraded/updated their web site a while ago and ever since I’ve had issues with Couch Surfer Pro. If I set the User Agent to be “Normal”, the site tells me I need to download one of the standard browsers, e.g., IE, Chrome, Safari, etc… If I use “iPad” as the User Agent, the web site crashes the AppleTV, forcing a restart. Sometimes though parts of the page will load but eventually any attempted action on my part causes the AppleTV to restart.

I don’t do much surfing of other sites so I don’t know if there are other web sites that cause the same issue.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Does anyone know of a fix? I really miss watching the races on my big screen. :slight_smile: