Mother 2009 / Mother and Child 2009

The folder of this movie is called Mother (2009) - Bong Joon-ho the file inside the folder Madeo (Mother) (2009) [1080p x264 - 5.1 DTS Korean - BluRay].mkv

Infuse somehow prefers to link this to the also in 2009 released movie Mother and Child. Is there a bias towards american mainstream-movies? Can I do something about that?

When you use the English version of the name I’m guessing it looks for the movies with an original name in English. Since it’s original name is 마더 then if you use that for your folder and file title it works like a charm. :wink:

Test name and structure for Udon

Using the above names and folder structure it gave this instantly.

If you look at the page for this movie on TMDB you’ll see where the original name was 마더 so that always seems to help.

I think this naming and structure will also work.
Udon Test with Madeo

And I also found that if you search using their year format in the search box “madeo y:2009” the correct one is listed in the results.


Thank you for testing this !

So that means original-titles are used for fetching the metadata - which makes sense of course. Just a thought but maybe it would be better to set this up in a way that a perfect match of an alternative title gets preferred over a not-perfect match of the original title…

Unfortunately Korean or other non-latin sign based text is not really an option for me as I still want to have a chance of finding something.

Using the romanized title would be an ok compromise though! I will test this. Thank you!

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