Most movie posters are gone

About 80% of my movie posters are suddenly gone and replaced with random stills from the movies.

I am on 6.4.5.

I can go in and select ‘Edit’ on each movie and it will bring back the movie poster. But, I don’t really want to do that on 200+ movies…

Have you tried a restart of the ATV?

Yes, that didn’t help.

But, I deleted all metadata - via the Infuse menu - and did a rescan. Now, it seems I am back to normal :smiley:

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That is bizarre. Glad you’re back to normal. Again. :wink:

I believe the issue was that the database that Infuses pulls these posters from went through an overhaul.

If you had a movie that was using a poster that was updated, it would just show a still.

Clearing out the cache and letting it rebuild pulls the current posters.

Mmmhhh… But all metadatas/posters are downloaded ( Cloud or inside the APTV ). So even if the site is completly down, it should not change anything for the user on his APTV.

Am I missing something here?

Agreed in theory.

I saw that explanation in a thread on here… and rebuilding my cache did resolve the issue for me.

Maybe a mod can help us out with understanding how it works…

Only the textual metadata is backed up to iCloud (for now) so if the ATV decides to clean house then the textual info is restored via iCloud (if you have it turned on) and then the artwork is restored from the other sources.

Over the past several months there have occurred a few “perfect storms” with Infuse and metadata fetching. Both of the providers for metadata TVDB and TMDB have made major changes to their databases and/or their APIs. This happened at the same time Infuse was enhancing the metadata fetching and processes. If either had happened before the other then we’d probably not have any real issues but with both ends changing at the same point in time it took a bit to get them talking right again.

The problem that Deschain was having appears to have been remedied by deleting and restoring his metadata.

There are subtle differences between the symptoms on the problems so it takes a bit to narrow down which issue is causing which problem but the bumps are getting fewer and fewer.

I know that James has been burning the midnight oil working out these glitches but sometimes it’s like herding cats when you’re seeing changes on multiple fronts. :smiley:

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