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I tested my first 4k VP1 today with latest Infuse (ATV4K) and I’m not getting any video (ok with VLC and Plex transcoding).
Are there caveats I should check before reporting a bug?

Hey all, I started try playing VP9 files on Infuse for the Apple TV with mixed results. More often than not the videos play but there is choppy playback where the video itself freezes and the audio keeps playing. Eventually the video catches up but it usually happens again a minute later.

I tried playing the same videos on my iPad/iPhone via Infuse and both play the videos perfectly fine as far as I can tell.

Here’s my setup:
Platform: Apple TV 4K 2nd Gen
Infuse Version: Infuse Pro 7.7 (4729)

File Info:

===================== General =====================
Unique ID : 321589063648932552779374322873907177778 (0xF1EFCCFDBF96A260BCFAA50334D66932)
Complete name : Dugout Shelter Under 10ft (3m) of Snow - Solo Camping in Survival Shelter During Snow Storm.mkv
Format : Matroska
Formatversion : Version 4 / Version 2
File size : 3.76 GB
Duration (ms) : 21mn 23s
Overall bit rate : 25.2 Mbps
Movie name : Dugout Shelter Under 10ft (3m) of Snow - Solo Camping in Survival Shelter During Snow Storm
Writing application : Lavf60.20.100
Writing library : Lavf60.20.100 / Lavf60.20.100
Cover : Yes
Comment :
ErrorDetectionType : Per level 1
Attachments : cover.webp
ARTIST : Outdoor Boys
DATE : 20230408
===================== Video =====================
Id : 1
Format : VP9
Codec Id : V_VP9
Duration (ms) : 21mn 23s
Width : 3 840 pixels
Height : 2 160 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Frame rate mode : Constant
Frame rate : 59.940 fps
Language : English
Default : Yes
Forced : No
DURATION : 00:21:23.699000000

===================== Audio =====================
Id : 2
Format : Opus
Codec Id : A_OPUS
Duration (ms) : 21mn 23s
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Channel positions : Front: L R
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Bit depth : 32 bits
Compression mode : Lossy
Language : English
Default : Yes
Forced : No
DURATION : 00:21:23.728000000

Could you run the speed test in Infuse for this and post the results and graph?

Let me know if you need a better pic of the graph and I’ll try again

Any plan to support VP9 HDR and AV1 HDR ? Vp9 and av1 play smoothly with infuse but unfortunately the hdr is not displayed

Just hdr at maximum 24fps is enough for me

Apple doesn’t support these codecs in hardware… I’m guessing software decoding doesn’t support HDR but I could be wrong.

Personally I had a bunch of HDR YouTube videos that I had to convert to mp4

YouTube app support VP9 HDR. Why not infuse ?

In mp4 the vp9 HDR work on infuse ?

From what I’ve read the videos sent to the iOS app are in a different format (most likely mp4). The AppleTV app doesn’t support HDR YouTube as apple has extended this down to tvos. It’s exclusive to iOS.

Apple TV and infuse supports HDR in mp4 or mkv containers (provided the codec is HEVC). Converting them will allow you to watch them.

With tvOS 16 I can watch YouTube hdr content without any issues

AFAIK, vp9 hardware decoding in TVOS and iOS are exclusive to youtube app, not open to other 3rd party app.
Software vp9 HDR decoding in TVOS and iOS is probably a waste of time because even my M1 Pro Macbook cannot decode AV1 4k HDR without stuttering, let alone iphone or ATV4k.

HDR may be playing in YouTube, but I don’t think it’s possible to see the actual video type YouTube is sending to the Apple TV. It could very well be they are sending a special format, which is different than VP9.

Hi @james !
infuse 7.5.7 does not play a file well on an Apple TV 4K 128 Gb. Playback freezes at normal playback speed and at accelerations.
I can upload a file to test the problem.

Infuse 7.7 and having bad issues with 4K VP9 and AV1 files. They very very sluggish, freezing (especially 60fps video) Is direct playing.
They are also NOT triggering my TV (Samsung QN90C) to go into HDR mode. (Match Content and Match Frame Rate are on in Apple TV settings).

When i force HDR on in Apple TV, when i play the file in Infuse, it switches the TV to SDR.

Not having any issues with HEVC HDR, HDR10, HDR10+, files (so far, only have a few).

Using with a Apple TV 4K 2022, tvos 17.3

Example file is download from YouTube using IDM (.mkv VP9 Opus Audio) or 4K Video Downloader (mp4, AV1, AAC)
HERE (says its Dolby Vision in title, but it is not DV)
Edit: I used Handbrake to re-encode the VP9 YT downloaded file, to HEVC h.265 codec. That played back fine in Inuse, no freezing, and triggered HDR mode. But, this is not ideal.
And i know for a fact, that this was not an issue when i first got this TV, Jan 2, 2024, as i also dug out and played several other VP9 HDR test videos from YT, and the Tv changed to HDR fine (the LG/Samsung OLED HDR promo vids u see on the tvs on display at store). It is not doing it now, so must be the Infuse app update.

Hello Guys,

As far as I know, Both AppleTV 4K (2021 and 2022) don’t support HDR in AV1 and VP9 format. that’s why when you play files with infuse, TV is not switched to HDR and continue playing in SDR.

Just one thing is so strange for me. If you play the same file in YouTube App via your AppleTV, it does trigger HDR and TV is played with HDR. WHY???

If AppleTV 4K can’t Decode AV1 and VP9 Formats, how is it possible they are supported in YouTube App?

I know for a FACT, that my tv changed to HDR mode with the YT vids i had downloaded and used to test when i got my new tv. After the most recent major Infuse update, no longer changes.

I re-encoded the files to h.265 and it works fine now though.

Everything is simple. YT has more than just video with the AV1/VP9 codec. But there are other codecs supported by a large number of devices.
And when you launch youtube on a device without AV1/VP9 codec support, videos are included in other codecs. For example, H264/H265.
Relatively recently, players with support for the AV1/VP9 codec began to appear on sale.
Imagine if YT worked only with AV1/VP9. Then very few people could watch the video. And it doesn’t make sense for the owners of the service.

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Thank you so much for your great reply.

One thing I want you to consult me.
I have SonyGoogle TV and the interesting point is that it supports all AV1/VP9 Files with HDR and play smoothly. But there is only one problem:

As I have an AVR, I want to play truehd or dts-hd audioes but there are not supported by softwares.

Which software on google tv can support?