More TMDB idiocy

So - carrying on the long ignored subject of the change over to TMDB I thought I would highlight YET ANOTHER example of how idiotic the kids that manage this database are ……. Take the Move called “To Olivia” which was initially released in FEBRUARY 2021 - last week the numbnutts over there decided to change the release date to MAY 19 2022 (yes we all know that’s in the FUTURE) - which has the stupid effect of now putting this movie to the FRONT of my Newly Release Movies list and also messing up my title and putting it into “unknown” as I have the numbers 2021 in my title for it. This is an ongoing and totally unresolved issue which if complained about, they argue with you and then ban you when you call them idiots ! This keeps happening on their site (which quite frankly sucks - especially where logical TV naming is concerned) and highlights the ignored historical requests for Fire ore to give us a choice of database agents. This is really getting stupid now.

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Give that to them.

P.S.: I’m not much of a fan either, especially as so many other sites get their info from them (like Trakt)

Hahaha - I would - if this was just a one-off, but unfortunately it’s not …. There’s at least 1 a week that it happens to which is why when you do a NEW compile of a database you suddenly end out with loads of movies becoming unknown and sliding into “other” !!! They are completely childish in virtually EVERY response …… and their “reasoning” is that a Theatrical Release in Moscow or Islamabad takes préférence to the TRUE release of the movie. Go figure ! But then again, I don’t get the logic of my 5 years old grandson either (I think he’s one of the God Mods over there) :joy:

Anyway - I’ve been banned twice for daring to call them out and argue with them over this - what do you expect from a Mod who calls himself SuperBoy - looool