More seamless filtering

The current method of filtering media via navigating through a library tree could really use an update. It requires far too many clicks and back buttons to quickly browse through your media collection. You could create favorites for all of the filters you want on the home screen, but then the interface because extremely cluttered, and still requires the too much clicking to move between filters.

I hate pointing to a competitor to provide a superior way to accomplish something. But in the case of selecting filters and browsing through content, the Plex for appletv app has really nailed this experience. It allows you to go into a media category (move, TV) and then use a simple menu at the top of the screen to instantly filter media. No cumbersome menus to navigate, no waiting for a screen to populate. If you move down into the list presented the filter selection choice goes away until you cursor up to the top of the screen again. It is really slick and I find that I’m using the Plex app more and more because of ease of use. The thing that infuse has is the ability to play 7.1 audio, and most media does not have that anyway.

I hope that the upcoming version 6 of Infuse has a more efficient method to filter media… The old school method of navigating through a menu tree and creating favorites is clunky and time consuming.