More robust conflict resolution among multiple devices

i lose playlist name changes. deleted playlists get added back. the movies i put in playlists or collections disappear

all of these things happen because i switch from tvOS, iOS, and macOS making changes on all

and the conflicts weirdly often resolve with the “older version of the db” overwriting the newer one in the cloud

does this happen to anyone else?


Yup happens to me too

I often see the same problem between my 3 ATVs.

i feel like flawless syncing with automatic conflict resolution is feasible. i wonder why Infuse doesn’t just “use latest change”

since this is common, i changed this to a suggestion - so make sure to :heart: the first post for the “votes”

after a ton of testing, this happens with iCloud syncing EVEN IF you don’t use more than on device

i add a movie to a collection and it’ll revert within ten minutes UNLESS after every singular change i make to a collection i go to settings and do a manual iCloud sync

otherwise it reverts. i notice this most with custom collections but it happens with playlists too

changing the order of a collection feels impossible - my order changes randomly and i haven’t found any pattern but i think it’s even i make more than one change at a time too quickly

i’m experimenting not making any more en masse changes and that seems to help a lot

the faster you make the changes, the higher the likelihood that iCloud syncing specifically will revert those changes