More questions on ATV/ATVFlash please help

  1. I have heard ATV is quite an energy user on standby (warm as well) is there any problem with switching the power off most of the time? I accept it wont sync but to be honest I only change what I have on itues once a week so it does not need to be on 24/7.

  2. I am looking to install ATVFlash so need a usb hub and wiresless keyboard, anyone recommend something that works? dont want to pay the £50 for apple unit.

  3. I have a Freecom 400gb ext hard drive, (currently NTFS) will it work with ATV? do I need to format and what directory do I put ripped DVD;s in to use with ATVflash?

  4. Finally I posted this elsewhere but anyone recorded from ATV to a HDD recorder like the panasonic EX79 so that you can edit? what connections and whats quality like?

Thanks guys

It can be on or off. The AppleTV uses only ~15 watts when on.

Most any name brand hub, keyboard or mouse should be fine.

The drive will need to be formatted in a Mac OS or FAT32 format to be used on the AppleTV. The files can be stored anywhere on the drive.

Sorry, no experience with this.