More options for interface customization

Ben Dodson made a great Apple TV Shows and Movies Artwork Finder that I use to customize my artwork. Right now, I use a Fanart.jpg image for my ‘Up Next’ list, and a Cover.jpg for my cover. The Artwork Finder, however, gives us far more options to customize the interface, and to make it more modern (i.e. Apple-like).

First of all, it would be great to be able to use a different 16x9 image for the ‘Up Next’ list and the background of the details page.

Furthermore, power users can be given more control of the interface by adding a custom background and hiding the artwork (example 1). For example: when a Background.jpg file is present in the folder, this layout can be used.

Lastly, when a Logo.jpg file is also present, you can hide the title on the details page and replace it with the custom image (example 2).

The customization options could go even further, by providing a way to introduce a hero image (for instance, on the welcome screen, example 3). The Artwork Finder even gives access to the ‘parallax’ effect.

Please note that the Artwork Finder could probably never be integrated into Infuse, since Apple will block it sooner or later. Until that time, it can be found here.