More aggressive stream caching, please?


I have a feature request, please.

When I stream from Google Drive, Infuse on the ATV doesn’t appear to be performing any kind of caching on the download. I have the Streaming Cache setting set to Auto.

This means that if I go to resume a video, it re-downloads it all again. I have plenty of room left on the ATV so storage isn’t an issue.

Ideally I’d like it to cache the file until the video has finished, and purge any unfinished videos in order of oldest as space runs out.

As a bonus it’d be awesome to limit the download speed from Google Drive rather than downloading it all at the beginning of the stream. This way I’m not taking all of the Internet bandwidth in the house.



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It’s will be very useful

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I too like the idea of being able to set a cache/buffer of variable size (ie. 5gb-15gb) using the internal space of the device (ie ssd) as opposed to ram. This would greatly alleviate buffering from network fluctuations, and additionally free up system ram.