Moderators - Any chance of a separate "Jail-Breaking" section of the forum?

Seams there's jailbreaking threads all over the place - would it be possible to have a separate or sub-forum just for jailbreaking (i.e. "Pre-install of aTV Flash")


I would like to suggest 3x sections -

1. Pre-Installation (what you need, what you need to do & how to do it help forum)

2. Installation (potetntial issues *after* jailbreaking and install of aTV Flash)

3. aTV Issues (+aTV Flash)  (after install, similar to bugs)


Hopefully that will minimise on the duplicate threads in the various sections of the forum.


seams there's a lot of jail-breaking issues, complainers & not a lot of structured information post


Thsi is just an observation, but it's getting more and more noticable as people jump in with aTV Flash



Yes, thanks for the suggestions.

Just reorganized the forum a bit and created a new jailbreak sub-forum.