MobileX App Launcher

I’m sure you probably are already working towards something like this:

I very much doubt whether FireCore are working directly on something like this (although I could be wrong) as it seems to be outside what they normally do.

However when MobileX becomes mature enough to make it into the standard repositories I see no reason why one should not be able to install it just like any other ATV2 compatible app. If FireCore get involved at all I would just expect them to add it as one of the third party apps that an be installed via the FireCore Maintenance menu.

Third party installer was more along the lines of what I was thinking. However there are some very cool iPhone/iPad apps that would really enrich the atv2 like HBO Go, Optimum (for optimum cable customers that would bring live TV to atv2), elgato’s hdhomerun for iPad, etc. just curious what this little black box can handle in terms of HD video and/or iOS games.